April 30, 2012 Rainbow Magicland opens in Rome

 Is scheduled for April 30, 2012 opening at Valmontone near Rome in Italy’s largest amusement park in Europe which is called Rainbow Magicland for large but especially for babies www.magicland.it . And at the end of the day if you want to do some ‘shopping in front is a great Autlet  www.fashiondistrict.it .  To reach Rainbow Magicland, we suggest you book a rental car with driver (NCC). It ‘s a bit far from Rome about 40 miles and for those without a car or will not have problems driving and parking and live entertainment with emotion and a wonderful relaxing day a car with driver is the solution! Collected from your hotel or the airport by a car and a driver will arrive at Rainbow Magicland quickly and when you are tired or want to go back no problem. Here we offer a price on the solutions page www.limousineroma.eu/rainbow-magicland/